The Foundation began the Professional Diploma Program in Gifted Education annually since 2010. It is considered the first professional diploma program applied in this area in the Arab world and aims to develop national cadres in the field of gifted education.

 Objectives of Professional Diploma Program in Gifted Education:

  1. Set up a cadre of professionals who possess the knowledge and pedagogical and technical capacities and skills necessary to design, develop, implement, manage and evaluate the appropriate education and training programs for different types of gifts among learners.
  2. Develop a scientific consultation reference supplying school and institutional education and training systems with experiences which enable them to choose, develop, manage and evaluate systems and methods of screening the gifted and sponsoring them.
  3. Provide alternatives for  training during the service of teachers in general education and teachers in special education, enabling them to gain effective teaching skills, through carefully selected courses where they benefit from theoretical and practical frameworks for classroom teaching for the gifted learner.
  4. Provide various models of creative works in differentiated teaching for special groups, from which undergraduate and tertiary education institutions, governmental and non-governmental institutions concerned with giftedness in the UAE may benefit.
  5. Set up human cadres to lead educational development movement to promote creative children in public and private education in the UAE and GCC.

Program length:

Six months.

Target group:

  • Special education teachers and coaches.
  • Teachers and coaches of different educational subjects.

Program Admission Conditions:

  1. The student has to be an Emirati national.
  2. Work in teaching (teacher or coach) in public or private schools in the UAE, with a minimum of 3 years’ experience.
  3. To be nominated by the Ministry of Education, or an official UAE employer.
  4. Must be of good character and behavior.
  5. Their assessment in 2 out of the last 3 performance reports should be at least (meets expectations).
  6. Proficiency in using a computer and some software for e-learning and distant learning.
  7. Hold a Bachelor's degree or B.Sc. in any area of scientific study/undergraduate from a recognized University in UAE.
  8. To pass the interview.
  9. To pledge to attend all training sessions and field training, and all the graduation requirements of the program.

Procedures for joining the program:

  • Fill in the application form which can be obtained from the Foundation website .
  • Fill out your statement confirming to attend the professional diploma in gifted education.
  • Complete the "Student file" concerning the University's Admission and Registration Administration.
  • Submit all required documents attached to the application form for Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Outstanding Academic Performance.

Program language: Arabic is the language of the program

The school system in the professional diploma of giftedness:

Program delivery relies on blended, integrative, sequential remote learning system chronologically and non chronologically, which is served through the blended learning systems available in Hamadan Smart University.