It is a group of educational, scientific and intellectual experiences acquired by gifted students outside the school curriculum. Enrichment programs contribute to fulfilling scientific and mental needs of students through programs that in turn fully support them scientifically, socially and psychologically. They also work to develop and invest in their energies and abilities in a stimulating scientific environment, with the aim of investing in intellects and talents, to satisfy future national development needs of gifted people. The Foundation seeks to exert all efforts by relying on modern scientific programs in order to achieve a quantum leap in the field of caring for giftedness.

About enrichment programs:

Eُnrichment programs in general provide cognitive and skills frameworks  beyond what is normally provided in regular school programs, that are often linked to the tendencies, desires and needs of the target group of gifted students. At the same time, it takes the methodology of combining the skills of thinking on one hand and personal and social research skills in cognitive content on the other hand.

Enrichment program objectives:

  1. Developing the skills of gifted students through scientific programs and innovative methodology.
  2. Giving gifted students self-learning, creative thinking and problem solving skills.
  3. Enriching the skills of gifted students through activities, events and training workshops.
  4. Highlighting the talents of gifted students and investing in their abilities to motivate their creativity.

Target group:

Enrichment programs target citizen gifted students of various emirates of the State from grade 4 to 12.

  • I: Holiday Programs (Winter – spring – summer).

Hamdan Foundation is keen to present state of the art education tools, through training courses, scientific and cognitive activities that help develop personal, scientific and leadership aspects of gifted students, which would enhance gifted students skills that are in line with their preferences and interests. The Foundation is also keen to create an attractive environment by looking for the latest applied programs to invest in the energies and capabilities of students and directing them towards innovation and creativity.

  • II: Weekend Programs

The idea of the project is to develop programs characterized by continuity throughout the year, offering scientific workshops in various areas of tendencies and interests of students to develop their abilities and skills, personally, socially and scientifically.

Weekend programs are concerned with providing scientific programs and personal development skills for gifted students, so as to ensure continuity in the development of their abilities and talents and to meet their needs in accordance with scientific principles and standards. They seek to motivate students to explore their creativity. It is also considered an opportunity for students to practice scientific activities to develop their talents and satisfy their undiscovered needs within the regular classroom environment. These programs are also considered an effective tool for qualifying and training gifted students to come up with innovative products that contribute to community service.