Annual Calendar

Timeline of
"Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum - ISESCO Prize for Voluntary Development of Education Facilities in the Islamic World"
First Edition 2018/2019





January 2018

(20th cycle)

Finalizing preparation of Application forms and bruchures for the 1st edition of the Hamdan-ISESCO Prize

February-September 2018

(20th cycle)

Commencement of Media campaign and distripution of the Prize publications to ISESCO member states

February 2018

(20th cycle)

Sending invitation letters to member states to participate in the Prize (by the General Director of  ISESCO)

March 2018

(20th cycle)

Selecting and inviting Jury members to participate in the adjudication process (by the Secretary General of Hamdan Award)

31 October 2018

(21st cycle)

Deadline for submitting Application forms to Hamdan Award

(Applications to be sent to Hamdan Award HQ in Dubai)

09 -14 December /2018

(21st cycle)

First stage of Adjudication

(Screening panel and elimination of non-eligible applications)

14-18  January /2019

(21st cycle)

Workshop to Jury members & commencement of Second Stage of Adjudication

(Assessment and selection of winners by International Jury)

February 2019

(21st cycle)

Selection  of winners by the Jury members and approving the results by the General Director of ISESCO and Hamdan Award BOT

April 2019

(21st cycle)

Grand ceremony to honor the winners of the Prize.

(Dubai - United Arab Emirates)

Before 31 December 2019

(21st cycle)

Disbursement of rewards for the winners of Hamdan-ISESCO Prize.