The Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Creativity A New Educational Initiative

The Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Creativity A New Educational Initiative
13 يناير 2016

In an effort to support and capitalize in the field of creativity, H.E Dr. Jamal Al Muhairi, Vice President of the Hamdan Award for Distinguished Academic Performance Board of Trustees, announced the launch of a new academic initiative to invest in the Nation's vision towards creativity. The initiative was the opening of the Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for creativity. The center was launched by H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This initiative comes as a response to the direction of H.H Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahiyan, President of UAE, and the announcement of H.H Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai of the National strategy for creativity.

Mr. Al Muhari said: " The initiative comes to live in an effort to execute the directions of H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance, Patron of the Award. His Highness envisioned such efforts to upkeep the national plan for creativity. By doing so, efforts go hand in hand with the Ministry of Education and its affiliated institutes through joint programs that enhance opportunities for achieving national strategical goals . He explained further the pride H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum has expressed for what the Nation has fulfilled internationally in the field of creativity, by remarkable pillars, children of the nation. He added how the Emirati society has surpassed a great level of maturity given its intellectual, cultural and academic attributes. The UAE is rich in exploring minds that sought after success and aims at standing out in this endeavor; creativity, should opportunity avail. Mr. Al Muhairi transferred His Highness's vision in having the Award encourage students to extend their research with methodological constraints intact, and stimulate their motives towards exploring and knowledge. Such state efforts will only entrench the advanced status UAE has set for itself in the international arena, and this all is due to the great support provided by the wise leadership given and dedicated to education which bares advanced and modern trends aiming at embedding the creative criteria in all endeavors.

H.E Dr. Al Muhairi added that "Fab Lab, UAE" is the first Lab in the Nation being established per international standards and specifications set for Fab Lab laboratories. It is meant to embrace creative students to accommodate their achievements and accomplishments in creativity. The UAE had fulfilled the first place in the Middle East for its ample performance in 2014 as per the International creativity indicator. The UAE also took the third place among the Western Asian and North African candidates "NAWA" and the 36th place among the worldwide listed as per the 2014 indicator.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum praised the national plan for creativity which is expected to contribute significantly in validating the importance of an advance intellectual curriculum. As it will also help in structuring a modern managing style capable of incorporating the surrounding attributes for a sustainable development and therefore maintain the nation's status among the outstanding nations, in all sorts of fields.

Mr. Al Muhairi added that the initiative has captivated the attention and blessings of the Minister of Education and President of the Board of Trustees, H.E Hussain Al Hamadi, where he asserted its great value in offering rigid support to attain determined objectives amongst the national strategy for creativity. By that, advancing the intellectual curriculum through training individuals on dynamics of positive interaction with their surrounding environment and managing problems can be attained. This also assists in constant development of tools and means that connect individuals with their surroundings, which contributes to the academic structure eventually, given that the academic arena has adopted the mentality of balance in execution between theoretical input and practical circumstances.

The Award General Secretariat continued describing how the Fab Lab UAE project will be a provision to two paths of creativity; first, the main Fab Lab laboratory that lies under the direct supervision of the Award and serves all social categories. Executing this step will bring on board the latest devices, programs and digital manufactured devices. As it will also provide training with the help of experts and specialists in this field. As for the second path, it revolves around building small Fab Lab laboratories in schools in cooperation with dedicated parties serving the students category and that is with the help of school management. Such labs consist of devices, programs, enriching curriculums necessary to enforce creativity and productivity by students. This will also be supervised by teachers and specialists during the course of the school year given the resources that will be required; financial and major art work. Adding to that is the social support that will be retrieved from the public and private sectors at the time. Mr. Al Muhairi explained how those two paths aim at accommodating the nation's tendencies in taking the UAE to further heights to stand as number one internationally in the field of creativity. By doing so it disseminates the culture of excellence , creativity and productivity in the UAE . As it builds stimulating environments for creativity as it encourages universities and schools to embed certain essential methodologies to be practiced by new generations such as, research, examining and exploring . Furthermore, it qualifies future generations to interact on all levels with digital services through technology, which eventually creates reliable competencies capable of leading the art of creativity in the future.

As for the fields in which the Fab Lab laboratories are expected to work in, Mr. Al Muhairi explained that all programs and services being offered through Fab Lab, UAE will serve the national strategy for creativity which was announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai. The strategy includes different aspects; renewable energy, transportation, healthcare, education, technology, water and astrology. The main Fab Lab will provide its services to age group 12 and above. As for those targeted by the Fab Lab subdivisions, they happen to be school pupils from primary to high school, and those who meet certain criteria that will be enlisted by dedicated parties in the Ministry of Education.

Another statement and praise was stated by Dr. Ahmed Eid Al Mansouri, head of Dubai Academic District , where he admired the initiatives under taken by H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum in supporting education. And very much valued the Hamdan Award for distinguished academic performance for how it influenced the academic arena, locally and across the GCC. It provided a distinctive support to teachers worldwide as it advanced the means of researching in the Arab world which ultimately contributed to supporting the academic field. Mr. Al Mansouri expressed his pleasure in joining efforts with the Hamdan Award to accomplish the Fab Lab project which will generate significant benefits for students especially with the nature of education in the UAE which has been undertaking a more applied structure in the course of study. This coincides with the government's announcement of its strategy in spreading Fab Lab laboratories in Dubai Schools in the following years. The Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award will handle the responsibility of building the labs, equipping them and managing them in cooperation with the academic district.The following days are to witness the finalizing of the agreement between both parties.

As for Mr. Soliman Al Ansari, the Award Director , he pointed out how the Fab Lab UAE labs are one of the services being offered by the Hamdan Center for Creativity, alongside other services that include registering patents and developing prototypes, promoting them and marketing them. It also offers consultations, pertaining to the patent and preparing technical staff responsible for managing the Fab Lab, as well as volunteers and teachers and visitors to use the devices and programs according to the latest training skills used in the international organization for Fab Lab. By that the culture of creativity is spread across and therefore the center and its services are being known widely. Mr. Al Ansari added that the center is one of the very ambitious projects that serve students and the society, as it will serve in filling the gap present in line of knowledge especially relevant to creativity. This is definitely asserted with the help of the Hamdan Award and its affiliation with the Ministry of Education which has also sponsored an award for the best innovation embracing by that the needs of such distinguished students who surpass in the field of discovery and creativity. For such purpose many elements are required; providing equipped labs built per the international standards, latest technological and digital devices, along with an enriching and educational curriculium, with specialized teachers, booklets, tools and training all per international criteria that will guarantee quality of service. Besides all that, there will be direct channels of communication with member countries in the international Fab Lab organization, which will keep the target segment in line with the latest trends and ongoings globally. There is alot of positive potential and foreseen aspirations expected to be witnessed once the Fab Lab starts running, except that the gradual expansion is still under discussion. The Award's vision is set towards supporting community efforts intended towards building small labs in schools and households too, which helps disseminate the spirit of creativity in all fields, making it by that a life style. It is expected to have all arrangements complete by next June, where Fab La UAE is to start receiving its target segment and support their creative attributes in all different endeavors.

The Award Director concluded by stating the award's efforts in reaching out to other relevant and interested parties to benefit from their experiences in supporting this initiation and especially the Faculties of Applied Sciences, which are among the distinguished institutes in the Nation and have the capacity to provide consultation, curriculums and training.

Fab Lab Logo, UAE

The design of the logo is harmonious with the International logo for the Fab Lab laboratories. The logo was edited to express the UAE identity through the colors of the nation's flag and to identify the geographical position of the country (UAE) being the headquarters.



A brief introduction to Fab Lab

Fab Lab is a short cut/abbreviation to Fabrication Lab. The idea started in the industrial countries where a Fab foundation was established in February 9, 2009 to facilitate and support an international Fab network through setting up regional centers and institutes. It is an American non profit organization that belongs to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Established by Professor Neil Gersheinfield. The faculty provides tools and knowledge that aid in spreading a culture of creativity and innovation through using technology and digital manufacturing. The Institute started the Fab Lab network which is comprised of manufacturers, scientists , engineers, teachers and students, in age groups ranging between 5 to 75. They work across 200 Fab labs positioned in 40 countries until this very day.